Saturday, February 4, 2017

metalworking cart

My welder and plasma cutter have lived under my bench for a long time, while the angle grinders and other welding stuff (extra wire, gloves, etc) all lived in boxes in storage cubbies.  It worked out OK for welding at the bench, but wasn't very efficient in terms of storage space, and it was a huge PITA if I wanted to do any metalworking either on cars out in the driveway, or on larger projects in the middle of the garage.  Then a friend send me a few pictures of nice self-contained metalworking carts, and I had to have one.

I started with a cheap harbor freight cart:

Cut the top down to fit under the bench, added hooks for cable management, hung a bottle caddy off one side, and put a heavy plate top on one side for a work surface.  Looks pretty good so far...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Piano bar: finally done!

I've owned this damn piano longer than I've owned my house, but it's finally done!

Blog posts from the whole process:

Monday, February 15, 2016

DIY shed

A couple of months ago I built a new shed, with lots of help from my Dad, Sibyl, and Eric.

General plans:

I based the plans on a bunch of different stuff mostly found on the internet, plus experience helping Eric put up his kit shed.

Getting started:

mostly there, working on the roof (tinted polycarbonate to let light in):

working on trim and siding:

mostly done:

complete, minus a few touches of paint, and maybe a ramp eventually!

interior shot:

It's great, holds everything I wanted to put in there and then some!